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Introduction to The Indian COVID-19 Alliance (TICA)

In March 2020, IDFC Institute set up a Track 2 Task Force leveraging its network of experts, including leading economists and public health experts, corporate leaders, technologists, communications experts, non-profits, logistics and supply firms, bureaucrats, lawyers and top police officials, to support the government on their COVID-19 response. Forming 20 sub-groups to organise targeted interventions, representatives from World Bank, Omidyar Network, Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, University of Chicago, New York University, Dalberg, McKinsey, BCG led a range of efforts backed by a team of 50-60 researchers at Stanford University, MIT and elsewhere. This includes running amongst the first and largest serological surveys in the country and following that up with two other surveys in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu (ongoing), and conceptualizing and launching a state-wide behavior change communications campaign for the state of Punjab to encourage early testing. 


As COVID-19 vaccine trials began to show promising results, the Rockefeller Foundation partnered with IDFC Institute to think through the vaccination rollout in India. The size and scale of vaccinating close to one billion people requires immensely complicated planning and coordination. To this effect, a smaller group of IDFC Institute team members along with a few task force members came together to provide data, analytics and strategy inputs for a successful vaccination campaign.  We did so by building a network of experts and firms called The Indian COVID-19 Alliance (TICA) from academia, public health, pharma, cold chain, manufacturing, communication and philanthropy. TICA’s intention is to provide non-partisan, high-quality research and data to support the central and state government's efforts in rolling out a COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign, which is suited to India’s needs and contexts. We also hope that this will lay the foundation for  more in-depth streams of enquiry on specific aspects of this historic vaccination effort, for students, researchers and practitioners alike. TICA is anchored by IDFC Institute.


After discussions with experts within the TICA alliance, we decided to focus the work on 4 key aspects of vaccine strategy, each of which can be further explored through the interactive above.


Below is our vaccination tracker for India. This tracker has been last updated on 11 July 2021.

Note: We tracked India's vaccination from 16 January 2021 to 11 July 2021, which spans the beginning of India's vaccination campaign, till the rollout of Phase III vaccinations, targeting all adults in the country.




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