January 31, 2017

Will Budget 2017 Curb Daily Death Parade?

Shankkar Aiyar, Visiting Fellow at IDFC Institute, discusses the menace of a rising death toll due to road and rail accidents and environmental hazards in Bloomberg Quint. He emphasises the need for the Budget to make provisions to tackle these issues. 


"The focus on deaths is meant to bring to the fore the chasm of sloth that divides intent and outcomes. A modern democracy can scarcely continue to be apathetic, inured to the scale of multiple tragedies. An annual budget is a signal event in India’s political economy. It may be defined as a quantitative articulation of a financial plan for a year, an income-expenditure statement. However, at a political level, it is and can be more - to refocus attention, redistribute pain and gain to enable subscription of support for the regime. The convergence of economics and politics is an opportunity to incentivise real change. Will Budget 2017 deliver?"


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