September 27, 2017

Why 92% Thefts In Indian Metros Are Not Reported

Neha Sinha and Avanti Durani, Assistant Director and Associate at IDFC Institute, respectively, write for IndiaSpend on the state of underreporting of crime in 4 major cities of India, from data based on the Safety Trends and Reporting of Crime (SATARC) Survey. 


"Only 6-8% of victims of theft in four major Indian cities lodged a first information report (FIR) with the police, according to a new study. The remaining 92-94% are not reflected in any official record...


The study found that 8% of Delhi’s citizens had been victims of theft. This is the highest among the four cities. Of these victims, 45% approached the police to report the incident and only 16% of them managed to file an FIR...


Respondents in different cities cited varied reasons for not approaching the police to report a theft. In Delhi, 30% of respondents felt that the police would not entertain their complaint; in Mumbai, 35% didn’t think the incident was serious enough; in Chennai, 51% mentioned lack of evidence; and in Bengaluru, 35% didn’t want to get tangled in police/court procedures."


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This article was republished in Hindustan TimesFirstPostTimes Delhi, and Business Standard.

Topic : State Capacity / In : OP-EDS
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