September 28, 2017

Why 87% Of Delhi Homes Start Worrying If Women Are Not Home By 9pm

Neha Sinha and Avanti Durani, Assistant Director and Associate at IDFC Institute, respectively, shed light on the poor sense of safety and consequent adaptive behaviours adopted by household using SATARC Survey data, in this IndiaSpend article. 


"About 51% of people in Delhi, India’s capital city, feel that crime is a serious problem in their neighbourhood, according to a recent survey titled ‘Safety Trends and Reporting of Crime’ (SATARC). The percentages were lower in Mumbai (16%), Chennai (5%) and Bengaluru (21%)...


As a result of their poor sense of safety, 87% of people in Delhi start worrying by 9pm if a female member of the household is out alone. The percentages for other cities, for the same time of the night, are 54% in Bengaluru, 48% in Chennai and 30% in Mumbai...


In Delhi, only 1% of respondents said they do not worry if a female member of the household is out any time of the day. In Chennai and Bengaluru, more people are comfortable with the idea – 8% each. Mumbai tops the list with 13% expressing no anxiety...


Concerns about safety extended to men as well. As many as 95% of people in Delhi start worrying by 11pm if an unaccompanied male household member has not returned home. The percentages are 83% in Bengaluru, 84% in Chennai and 60% in Mumbai. Only 1% of Delhi’s respondents do not worry about a male household member being out any time of the day. The numbers are 13% in Bengaluru, 12% in Chennai and 20% in Mumbai."


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