January 13, 2020

When a widow sells her hair for food

In his latest article for the New Indian Express, Shankkar Aiyar highlights the need to review the design and implementation of India's social programmes to achieve their objectives. Excerpts below:


" The all India average has slipped on the poverty index from 54 to 50, with the number of states in the red (below national average) rising from seven to 14 states. India has also slipped on the hunger index from 48 to 35 with seven states lagging. Ten of the large states have poverty levels significantly higher than the national average of 21.9 per cent and the most populous states are worse off. It is not for want of programmes. For instance, the Rural Development Ministry implements a parade of acronyms MGNREGS, DAY-NRLM, DDU-GKY, PMAY-G, PMGSY, NSAP and SAGY"


"Clearly, many are falling through the yawning and often fatal gaps in the design and implementation of social programmes for alleviation of poverty and hunger."


Read the full article here.





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