August 09, 2020

US-China, Nixon to Trump: End of a delusion?

In his column for The New Indian Express, Shankkar Aiyar discusses the history of US-China relations, and what that might mean for India. 



"The uniquely bipartisan awakening in the Trump era is triggered by the rise of debt, deficit and inequality — and what seems to be the hijacking of jobs and growth. In its engagement with China, the US exported its savings, investments, technology and jobs. US FDI stock into China is currently at over USD 115 billion and owns over USD 1.1 trillion of US Treasury bonds.


It is now trying to cobble new alliances — whether on 5G, supply chains or security. The serenade of India with the new hit number, 'love me love my Quad' is part of the new symphony. India must and will choose the tune to tango to.


It is true that context is critical for policy and politics. So is legacy and history. The road to redemption is a long hard trek."


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