September 27, 2020

United Nations And The Divided World Order

In the New Indian Express, Shankkar Aiyar discusses the conflicts within the UN that complicate realising multilateralism and a new world order, the need of the hour.


Excerpts Below:


"The failings of the UN are located in its architecture. Appointments to specialised agencies are subject to gaming and post facto influence — the role of the WHO in the pandemic is a case in point."


"The fact is the world needs multilateralism like never before. The need to curb nuclear proliferation, to urgency combat climate change, resilience from pandemics and the imperative of trade and investment demand collaboration and collective intelligence."


"The sustainability of multilateralism calls for fair and equitable terms of engagement. Recognition and roles must follow rise of nations and attainment. The institution campaigning for a rule-based world order must prima facie be based on rules and order not archaic notions."



Read the full article here.

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