August 14, 2017

Towards Building a People’s Police

Assistant Director Neha Sinha and Associate Avanti Durani, in this Livemint article, discuss people's confidence in the police in four major metros in India, using data from our crime victimisation survey, "Safety Trends and Reporting of Crime" (SATARC). 


"London and New York’s Metropolitan Police Forces were established on these Peelian principles. This strong and amicable relationship between the public and the police in London was reaffirmed in the recent terror attacks.


In India, however, the police force was founded on a different set of principles. The Indian Police Act of 1861, that governs the police till date, was set up in the wake of the mutiny of 1857—India’s first war of Independence—which threatened the exercise of British power over India...


In Delhi, 59% of the population feel that the police are doing a good job in maintaining a safe environment in the city. Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru fare better with 76%, 80% and 64%, respectively. Across the four cities, 75% to 91% of people believe that the police can be relied on when needed. Thus, the level of trust varies from city to city.


When these questions are looked at through the lens of a victim of crime versus a non-victim, there is an interesting observation. In Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai, victims have an equal or even marginally better opinion of the police than a non-victim. However, in Mumbai, victims are vastly more mistrustful of the police than non-victims..."


Read the full article here.

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