March 21, 2021

The US-China Byte Dance: Can India Foxtrot?

In this piece for the New Indian Express, Shankkar Aiyar opines on the "orbit shifting opportunity" that has presented itself to India amidst the recent geopolitical developments between the United States and China. 




"India as the largest democracy with a large domestic market, demography which supports flow of skills and labour has the opportunity to present itself as the alternative. This column has previously suggested a grouping of like-minded democracies and trillion-dollar economies - the #GT2 - to maintain strategic autonomy.

There is already a serendipitous confluence of factors – India's role in vaccine supplies has built trust, its presence in the Quad lends credibility, the skill sets it has for the three 'C's, including critical tech and climate change, affords expansion of the template. 


The question is: Can India foxtrot – take the long and slow steps along with the short and quick ones to reconfigure its policies? Can it liberate the factors of productivity from inspector permission raj to leverage the orbit shifting opportunity?"


Read the complete piece here

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