January 10, 2015

The Gujarat Model

Reuben Abraham, CEO of IDFC Institute, was quoted in an Economist article on the "Gujarat model" of development:

"Where Gujarat noticeably came up short is in poverty reduction, reckons Reuben Abraham, of the IDFC Institute, a think-tank. Other states of similar rank made greater inroads into cutting poverty rates between 1993 and 2012, he finds, though only three can boast a lower level of poverty. Mr Modi’s biggest feats were tangible, says Mr Abraham, the kind of improvements that migrant workers tend to notice, and report back to their relatives. The roads through and around Ahmedabad are excellent. The state has moved from a deficit in electricity generation, in 2002, to a surplus, despite the energy demands of a booming economy. Its 18,000 rural villages are connected to the grid. Water supply is abundant."

Read the full article here.

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