August 07, 2020

Tackling Covid-19 through adaptive control: lessons from India

By Vaidehi Tandel, Anup Malani, Luis Bettencourt, Satej Soman, Jonathan Gruber

What's adaptive control? Dr. Vaidehi Tandel, Prof. Anup Malani, Luis Bettencourt, Satej Soman and Jonathan Gruber discuss a few lessons from India for tackling COVID-19.

Excerpts below:


"As Covid-19 cases in India cross the million mark and as several parts of the country are experiencing a resurgence, state governments have reinstituted state-wide and city-wide lockdown measures. Decisions regarding the location and duration of such policies can be taken effectively through an approach known as adaptive control. 


The reason is simple: with adaptive control, states have a choice. They can always choose activity over infection control or vice versa, depending on what is best. What adaptive control provides is a north star to guide states. Decisions are less ad hoc and more transparent. Both governments and their citizens can be assured by this."


Read the full article here on Apolitical.

Topic : State Capacity / In : OP-EDS
Tags : COVID-19 , policy
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