December 24, 2019

Opinion | Wakanda, Westeros, District 12 and the economics of progress

In this article for Mint, Niranjan Rajadhyaksha looks the fictional worlds of Wakanda, Westeros, District 12 and their underlying economic structures.




"Wakanda has developed a sophisticated economy on its own while keeping its achievements secret from the rest of the world, including poor neighbouring countries. How easy would it be for a small economy under a hereditary monarchy to develop the intricate forward as well as backward linkages needed to produce a range of technology goods?"


"In the world of Wakanda, Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter and the Hunger Games, behind the razzmatazz of lightsabers and magic wands are tantalizing glimpses of economies where there is production, consumption, trade, technology, money and much more."


Read the complete article here

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