July 29, 2020

Opinion | A century of education at the Bombay School of Economics

As Bombay School of Economics enters its centenary year, Niranjan Rajadhyaksha fondly reminisces and writes in LiveMint, about his alma mater, and how it has given the country some of the best of her Economists and shaped the country's economic thought.


Excerpts below:

"The Bombay School style of teaching was closer to the old British style than the modern American one. The main pedagogy was built around graphs rather than equations. One disadvantage was that the training we received was mathematically weaker than the training students got in competing centres such as the Delhi School of Economics. There were strong mathematicians in the department who taught quantitative courses. However, the main thrust of our education was quite light on mathematical techniques.


The Bombay School of Economics—now renamed as the Mumbai School of Economics and Public Policy—has in recent years lost ground to institutions such as the Delhi School of Economics and the Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research. Newer private universities have also come on the scene. What matters, above all, is the cause of education in this vital subject. The learnings from the first 100 years should hopefully inform the challenging journey ahead."

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