August 07, 2015

No one loves Parliament

In this Indian Express article,  Praveen Chakravarty discusses the correlation between an MP's Parliamentary performance and their chance of re-election.


"Using data from PRS for the 14th (2004-09) and the 15th (2009-14) Lok Sabhas, we analysed MPs’ parliamentary performance vis-à-vis their re-election campaigns across two general elections (2009 and 2014). We computed a simple cumulative “parliamentary activity index”, giving twice the weight to attendance as to participation in debates, which is often a party diktat, or asking questions. We restricted our analysis to the 12 largest states that account for 440 (81 per cent) of Lok Sabha members. We were able to get parliamentary activity data for a total of 809 MPs — 400 in the 14th Lok Sabha and 409 in the 15th Lok Sabha. Of these 809 MPs, 567 (70 per cent) faced re-election as a sitting MP in the 2009 or the 2014 election, or in both....

MPs who won re-election did not have a significantly better parliamentary track record than the average MP, while those who lost did not have lower-than-average activity levels. This is true for both the 14th and 15th Lok Sabhas and the subsequent elections in 2009 and 2014. Thus, contrary to Tharoor’s warnings to his party, there is no evidence to claim parliamentary behaviour is a consideration for voters — something that is, perhaps, obvious to most elected politicians."


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