August 22, 2014

No Facebook and Twitter election

Visiting Fellow Praveen Chakravarty writes in The Indian Express: "If, in 71 per cent of the cases, social media played no role and 70 per cent of the eventual winners had virtually no social media presence in constituencies that have the highest concentration of social media users in the country, it is perhaps wise to recalibrate the importance accorded to social media in Indian elections."

Excerpts below:

"... We analysed the social media presence of the winner and runner-up in each of these 160 high-impact constituencies (as defined by the IAMAI/ IRIS report) across 25 states and Union territories by computing a social media index... Of the 320 candidates (winner and runner-up in 160 high-impact constituencies), 221 (71 per cent) had no or minimal social media presence. It is of telling significance that 71 per cent of the top two candidates in the 160 constituencies that have the highest social media penetration in the country did not deem it essential to even have a presence on social media for their election campaign... And 111 (70 per cent) of the winners from these high social-media impact constituencies had no meaningful social media presence..."

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