February 14, 2021

New world Order: Forget G20, Form G2Trillion

In The New Indian Express, Shankkar Aiyar argues that the challenge and opportunity for India is to build a coalition of similarly placed economies and like-minded democracies. 


Excerpts below: 


"There are 13 countries including India, functioning democracies all, accounting for USD 27-trillion plus in GDP, six of them USD 2 trillion plus economies and seven aspiring to get there, who could be constituents of this block. These include Japan, Germany, the UK, France, Brazil, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Spain, Mexico and Indonesia.


There is economic clout and common concern which could be the binding glue. The emerging proposition of the alternate order resting on the troubling totalitarian axis of China and the fluid ambiguity of Russia when juxtaposed with the descent into dysfunctional isolationism of the US presents a spectre which is worrisome. That said the emerging chaos presents silhouettes of possibilities - to be engaged in meeting challenges and to stay interconnected in emerging opportunities."


Read the full article here.

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