August 17, 2020

NEP 2020: Piety demands educated outcome plan

In this opinion editorial, Shankkar Aiyer discusses the cues that we can take from historical champions of education policy in India including M C Chagla and Daulat Singh Kothari. 



Some excerpts, 


" In the past two decades, India’s expenditure on education, the Centre and states put together, rose from `67,000 crore in 2000 to nearly `6.5 lakh crore in 2019. Yet even as the government has spent more and more, ever more people are choosing to send their children to private schools — between 2014 and 2018, the number of students in government schools dropped by 1.24 crore. "




"Creating tutor posts at different levels, allowing for internship/apprenticeship based teaching degree will bridge gaps and spur income/employment. Recast of syllabus load can end the chapter-to-chapter scramble and allow teachers to create room for improving pedagogy. Use of technology from use of QR Code enabled access to online material to web streaming of lessons to app-based learning to simple access to tutors on a stipend on call system can help both teachers and students. "



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