March 15, 2015

Modi’s Thatcher Moment

Vivek Dehejia’s fortnightly op-ed in this leading newspaper points out that “…The principal argument that must be countered is the critics’ refrain that the government’s bill is “anti-farmer”, because it will forcibly dispossess small agricultural producers in the interest of large development projects that, allegedly, will benefit mainly the rich. The obvious and correct retort is that accelerated growth and development, which raise incomes and create employment opportunities, will be of greatest benefit to the poor, most especially poor farmers at present living little better than a subsistence existence. What is more, survey research suggests strongly that most farmers would move off the land, if they could. According to a recent Lokniti survey, for instance, 62% of farmers surveyed said they would give up farming and move to better paying urban employment, if that were an option”

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