July 06, 2016

Minimum Government, Maximum Governance: A Manifesto for a Limited State

On the eve on the the 25th anniversary of the 1991 devaluation of the rupee and the subsequent libralisation of Indian Economy, Reuben Abraham and Vivek DehejiaCEO and Senior Resident Fellow respectively at IDFC Institute argue for a strong but limited state in this article for the Hindustan Times


Some key excerpts from the article are below:

"While the reforms initiated in 1991 have swept away the worst excesses of central planning, one major lacuna has been the absence of any major effort to downsize the state, or indeed to ask questions about the proper role of the state in a liberalised India... One could credibly argue that the Modi government has made progress on 'maximum governance', by making existing government projects and schemes function more efficiently, with less waste and corruption. But one is hard pressed to see progress toward 'minimum government'. This is disappointing... The government functions best if it performs a limited and well-defined number of achievable tasks to which it is well suited and has the requisite capacity." 


Read the entire article here

Topic : State Capacity / In : OP-EDS
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