May 31, 2020

Let the economy open. Don’t micro-manage lockdown exit

In this article, Prakhar Misra argues against government micromanagement in lockdown exit strategies. Excerpts: 


"About 70 days into the lockdown, the states have cautiously started opening up their economies. They are following the Centre’s classification of green, orange and red risk zones in doing so, but the rules to guide lockdown exit seem overly prescriptive and difficult to enforce. Consider Rajasthan that has stipulated two customers in ‘small’ shops and five in ‘large’, or Delhi which has laid out different hours for industrial establishments with names starting from A-L than those from M-Z. Such an approach can only lead to more chaos.

The crowds outside alcohol shops earlier show that people may flout rules now that the lockdown has been eased, but that doesn’t mean that the State should start prescribing how many people should be there in a cab, as has been done by many states. Micromanagement of this nature will lead to harassment and bribery. Instead, the focus should be on communicating the risks of certain kinds of behaviour constantly."


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Topic : State Capacity / In : OP-EDS
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