March 03, 2021

Judicial Delays: ‘Tareek Pe Tareek’ And The Tryst With $5 Trillion GDP

Shankkar Aiyar discusses the supply and demand of justice delivery in India, and systemic issues of litigations in Indian courts.

Excerpts below:

"The trouble with the discourse on judicial reforms is that it tends to focus on the supply side issues –setting up new courts, staffing of courts, expanding alternative channels for dispute resolution, and lately induction of technology to reduce pressure on precious court hours." 


Further, on the importance of Justice that scaffolds the social contract, 


"India’s public policy response has a default mode – focus on consequences. Yes, it is important to address the persistent pendency of cases – particularly the infirmity of implementation haunting declared intent. Equally, it is important to address the legislative and regulatory fault-lines which haunt lives and livelihoods if justice is to be liberated from delay and detention."

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