October 04, 2019

In the AI era, privacy and democracy are in peril

In this article for The Hill, Vasant Dhar discusses the threat of AI to democracy, 




"Pure profit maximization has led to a capitalistic form of surveillance that is arguably even worse than the Chinese model, which is ostensibly about maximizing the benefits to all of society. These two extreme objective functions – unconstrained profit maximization and state control – lead to the same result: The ceding of free will to AI algorithms that control us overtly or covertly. What does democracy mean if there is no free will?"


He further discusses how U.S. regulators should look at Europe and India’s models of data protection.


"U.S. regulators should look to Europe and India’s models as two low-risk approaches to data protection. In a Washington Post article in September 2018, I showed that four major models of data use have emerged globally, with the U.S. and Chinese models at extreme ends, and the European and Indian models emphasizing individual data protection."


Read the complete article here

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