May 22, 2016

Ideas-Mukt Congress Scripts Its Own Electoral Eclipse

In this New Indian Express article, Shankkar Aiyar writes about the need for a credible alternative at the national level that is neither the freebie populists nor it cannot be the caste warriors.


"Drill down the granular details of the polls to appreciate the magnitude of the slide. In the 10 states that went to polls after May 2014, the Congress won just 217 out of 1,681 seats...In the recent polls, Congress candidates could win barely 115 of the 822 seats across five states. It is almost as if the Congress party has taken to heart the “power is poison” observation of its vice-president in Jaipur in 2013...

Thanks to this disconnect from reality, the Congress has failed to learn any lessons from its failures— or from the victors, the chieftains of regional parties who have kept the national parties at bay from their principalities...The flawed operating system has led to a serious crisis of ideology and identity. The Congress party scarcely stands up for what it pompously proclaims to believe in...The Congress is in a delusional denial. Despite setbacks, party apparatchiks continue to drone about victory and defeat being cyclical. The fact is, the party has been electorally eclipsed across large geographies of India...

Like it or not, India needs a credible alternative at the national level. It cannot be the thug-brigades, it cannot be the freebie populists, and it cannot be the caste warriors."


Read the full article here.


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