January 21, 2016

How Much Of Indian History Is Really True

This Swarajya article by Sanjeev Sanyal, Visiting Fellow at IDFC Institute, is an eye-opener for all history buffs.


"One of Asia’s leading economists, best-selling author of Land of the Seven Rivers: A Brief History of India’s Geography, Eisenhower Fellow and Rhodes Scholar, Sanjeev Sanyal addressed a gathering at the Press Club of India. In it, he highlighted the need, and presented the case for a revamped, Indian version of Indian history.

Discussing cases ranging from that of Mahmud Ghazni to the lesser known history of the Battle of Colachel, he voiced concerns plaguing many minds regarding India’s pre-colonial history that has been doled out in history books. Emphasizing constantly on the need and importance of hard evidence as opposed to interpretations and opinions, he presented sound arguments to back his stand regarding the much-needed version of Indian history- ‘our version’, instead of the conquerors’. An interesting case with respect to the history of ‘Ashoka the Great’ along with a plausible explanation for its presentation as such, was presented as well.

This video would be time well spent for those seeking the other side of Indian history".


Topic : Transitions / In : OP-EDS
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