December 09, 2016

How Modi Changed (And Changed) The Demonetisation Narrative

Praveen Chakravarty, Visiting Fellow at IDFC Institute uses data from PM Modi's speechesto present an interesting take on the demonetisation narrative. He writes,  


"A data analysis of the speeches (after translation) reveals a shifting of the narrative of the demonetisation action and its objectives. In his speech on November 8, 2016, when he announced the demonetisation policy, the Prime Minister used the phrase “black money” four times more than “fake/counterfeit currency”.  By November 27, he used the phrase “digital/cashless” thrice as much as “black money” with no mention of “fake currency”. Recall, there was zero mention of “digital/cashless” in the initial November 8 speech."


Read the full article here

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