October 21, 2016

How About An Outcome Budget Before Budget 2017?

In this op-ed, IDFC Institute Visiting Fellow Shankkar Aiyar asks important questions on the eye-watering amounts spent by government.


"Between them, the Centre and the state governments raise roughly Rs 28.4 lakh in revenue and spend around Rs 37.8 lakh crore every year – that is, Rs 10,370 crore per day or Rs 432 crore per hour. The moot question being asked by tax payers – those paying income tax as also those paying excise on match boxes and service tax on the mobile recharge coupons – is where is the bang for the buck?"


Now that the Railway Budget has been scrapped, can we replace it with the presentation of an Outcomes Budget with Ministers having to explain progress against promises made?


Topic : State Capacity / In : OP-EDS
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