December 04, 2017

Habeas Corpus in the Age of Aadhaar

Visiting Fellow, Shankkar Aiyar, questions the growing influence and utilisation of Aadhaar, in this The New Indian Express article, in light of the white paper on data protection norms submitted by the Justice Srikrishna Committee. 


"This week, the Justice Srikrishna Committee submitted a white paper on data protection norms...


The white paper affords an occasion to focus on citizen-state relationship and the need to establish boundaries for the state and private entities...


The new order must protect the right of the body to assert that s/he is the person s/he claims to be...


Personhood is the essence of the construct of democracy and requires protection in law and by institutional mechanisms from the overreach of systemic zeal and ideological compulsions."


Read the full article here

Topic : State Capacity / In : OP-EDS
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