August 10, 2016

For Low GST Rates, Cut Costs, Losses, Waste and Theft

In this The New Indian Express ArticleShankkar Aiyar, Visting Fellow at IDFC Institute argues that the government could make history if it gets the configuration of GST.


"As of now, the priority is inverted—much of the discourse is about losses to government and business.The first principle must be to ensure that the benefits of reform reach the consumer/taxpayer. The discourse has to be about how to set up a low GST rate regime for the individual. Sadly, the debate is rather unidimensional—about costs when it must also be about efficiency and savings... The challenge in any political economy is about balancing individual aspirations and institutional obligations...But the solution must not only be about taxation vis-a-vis expenditure, but also about savings...The occasion affords a unique opportunity to repair and restructure governance...The Modi Sarkar has a once in a lifetime opportunity to create and sustain a real constituency for reforms. And that will happen only when the priority of the government is the citizen, the taxpayer, the consumer"


Read the full article here.  

Topic : State Capacity / In : OP-EDS
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