August 01, 2017

Domination in 18 States and NaMo's Opportunity For Reforms

In this New Indian Express article, Visiting Fellow Shankkar Aiyar desrcibes how what ails India is located at the intersection of political and systemic disfunction. He juxtaposes this analysis to opportunities for the BJP to be a "party with a difference". Excerpts:


"It is what investment bankers would describe as a ‘management takeover’—where it is implicit that the management is the dispensable part of the deal. The move itself was in the works for some months and the operative parts were executed in 24 hours flat —what stood out was the efficiency of execution where all the moving parts were in place.


As of Thursday, the BJP and its allies have rendered 18 states Congress-mukt—critically, these states account for 340 seats in the Lok Sabha. The BJP has been and is continuously in poll mode. Since coming to power, the BJP like an army has marched to a tune and expanded its footprint—organically and inorganically—winning polls to conquer, cobbling alliances to reclaim and consolidate its market share...


As a party, the BJP has propelled and prospered by deploying bottom of the pyramid politics and economics. It is now in power in every Bimaru state—barring Odisha. The circumstance is tailor-made for the idea of Team India to be brought into play. The imperative for transformation stems from the potential upside, both economic and political. Also critical is the embedded electoral risks linked with non-delivery."


Read the whole article here.

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