December 20, 2017

Does RaGa have a signature tune?

In this The New Indian Express articleShankkar Aiyar, Visiting Senior Fellow at IDFC Institute, ponders Rahul Gandhi's new role as President of the Indian National Congress. Excerpts:


"Fortune, says Machiavelli “shows her power where valour has not prepared to resist her.” While examining the inter play, Machiavelli says the Prince must cultivate Virtu, match Virtu with Fortuna, embrace risk and do what it takes. Thus far, as the vice president and particularly in the campaign in Gujarat, he has been lending his voice to issues that have occupied attention and triggered outrage. A party president, however, cannot be only the symbol of agitprop politics.


In the age of social media and hysterical hashtags, RaGa is the acronymised title for Rahul Gandhi. Raga, has its origins in Sanskrit, literally meaning colour or passion. Raga is also the expression of moods, of music. Typically, an Indian raga is based on a scale with a set of notes in a particular order. Success in politics too needs notes to be set to scale. The question is: does RaGa have a signature tune?"


Read the whole article here.

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