November 20, 2020

Devise an India-specific Covid vaccination plan

Anup Malani argues that India’s vaccine deployment strategy requires customisation and careful planning to be successful.

Excerpts below:

"With the possibility that several vaccines will be available soon, it is now essential to develop and disseminate a Covid-19 vaccine allocation plan. Those in India infected with Sars-CoV-2 are likely to have developed some form of immunity. Judging by studies around the country that have found under 50% seroprevalence, however, more than half the population remains susceptible to Covid-19. Even at optimistic estimates of production capacity (60 million doses/month), it will take a minimum of a year to produce enough doses for every individual at risk. Some vaccines may require multiple doses, which compounds the problem. Then, there are the challenges of storage and distribution which could cause further delays."

"Over 0.1 million Indians have died from Covid-19 and this is far from over. A well-designed vaccination plan can reduce deaths by up to 70%. Given how much the country has sacrificed to slow the infection down, it is owed a carefully-planned – and customised – vaccine distribution plan."

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