November 22, 2020

Data harvest demands data protection law

Considering "the reality of India as a “data rich” economy", Shankkar Aiyar reinforces the need for an adequate regulatory system to protect and support it.

Excertps below:

"A recent report by Ericsson states data usage by Indians is expected to rise from 12 GB per month in 2019 to over 25 GB per month by 2025. Even by conservative estimates, over 120 million Indians are shopping online. RBI data shows since 2016 digital transactions rose five times to over 100 million daily and are expected to touch 1.5 billion transactions worth `15 trillion by 2025. The underlying data is vulnerable to breach as also being ported abroad for profit. Add the usage of Aadhaar for eKYC, the inter-linkages which enable government-to-people payments through the direct benefit transfer and the proposed digital framework for provision of health care.

The debate over which approach — the varying state laws in the US or EU’s General Data Protection Regulation — is best for data protection rests on context."

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