April 06, 2020

COVID-19 | Importance of street-level bureaucracy to fight the pandemic

Kadambari Shah and Prakhar Misra write on the importance of street-level bureaucracy to fight the #COVID-19  pandemic. They also suggest measures that policymakers can take to support and protect their street level bureaucrats. Excerpts: 


"Political scientist Michael Lipsky termed frontline workers — doctors, nurses, school teachers, police officers and so on — as ‘street-level bureaucracy’. Described as “public service workers who interact directly with citizens in the course of their jobs, and who have substantial discretion in the execution of their work”, this line of bureaucracy liaises between policymakers and the general public to implement policy objectives."


On measures that can be taken to support street level bureaucrats: 


"There are still a few measures that could be undertaken to help street-level bureaucrats. First, ensure and stockpile hazmat suits for delivery boys/girls to protect them. China did this in Wuhan where couriers are being relied on for food delivery and medical supplies. It is important for India to ensure that supply chains are running, with those running them safe..."


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