July 19, 2020

Covid-19 has exposed India's failure to deliver even the most basic obligations to its people

In his column for CNN, Shankkar Aiyar discusses how India's fragile public healh system has struggled with consequences of the pandemic.




"Days before India lifted its nationwide lockdown on June 1, the country's health ministry issued a press statement with a triumphant headline. "15 countries with highest number of Covid-19 cases, with almost same population as India, have reported 34 times cases and 83 times deaths as reported in India," it said.

Fewer than 60 days later, India has reached a million Covid-19 cases. It is now third on the Johns Hopkins University tally of country cases, following the US and Brazil. Far from flattening the curve, India's graph of transmission is swinging skyward like a Mo Salah free kick."


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