May 26, 2019

Congress demonetised by Modi-ism

In this The New Indian Express article, Shankkar Aiyar examines the tactical and strategic undercurrents that has lead to the victory of the NDA in the Indian 2019 general elections.


"Narendra Modi has demonetised the ‘National’ in the Indian National Congress. The grand old party has scored a duck in nine states and has won just one seat each in nine other states. Effectively, in 18 states, that is over half the states, the Congress has been reduced to a bit player. In the three states where it won polls in winter, its score is 2 in Chhattisgarh, 1 in MP and 0 in Rajasthan. In urban India it was defeated in seven of seven seats in Delhi, six of six in Mumbai, three of four in Bengaluru. "


He discusses the strategic and tactical decisions here


"There were tactical and strategic blunders. The biggest blunder of the Congress campaign was the coining and usage of the slogan ‘Chowkidaar chor hai’ — stemming from the controversial Rafale purchase deal. As a Sikh businessman, a Congress supporter to boot, waiting in the lounge of a TV studio put it, Modi monetised every abuse that came his way and converted it into votes because nobody bought the idea that Modi was personally corrupt. Barring Congress spokespersons none of the senior leaders or the leaders of the alliance partners was willing to endorse or utter the slogan."


Read the full article here.

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