January 19, 2020

Congress and the invisible hand

How can the Congress party reinvent itself? In this article for the New Indian Express, Shankkar Aiyar looks at the importance of leadership and clarity of ideology for the success of political parties.




"The fortunes of political parties rest on leadership and clarity of ideology. The Congress expected Rahul Gandhi to grow into the role, get a grasp on the demands of leadership and acquire gravitas. The succession plan of the grand old party is in a shambles — coronation of 2013 culminated in resignation in 2019, the face of hope left the party in despair. His appearance and disappearances have left Congressmen baffled. It would be seductive to see parallels with what Prince Harry is petitioning for in Britain — a unique alchemy of access to authority and abdication of accountability. The flirtations of the scion with ardour and aversion has left the party adrift."


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