August 17, 2015

Climate games in New Delhi

Courtesy: Mint



In the latest Mint column, In the Margins, Vivek Dehejia shares his views "on a leaked private memorandum from chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and finance minister Jaitley arguing the case for a major overhaul in India’s negotiating position in the lead-up to the global climate policy summit set for Paris later this year". On one hand, Vivek agrees with Arvind Subramaniam's argument that "it is high time we ditch the rhetoric of asking advanced economies to pay for our climate change efforts, as it largely plays to the gallery back home and leads to little, if any, substantive gain...."

Vivek however disagrees with the Chief Ecenomic Adviser's stand "on the need to shift from piecemeal adaptation to more concerted mitigation efforts, and believes this is unwise for an economy which needs to grow rapidly— a process which, whether anyone likes it or not, is going to be carbon-intensive".

He adds "Tying our hands prematurely to excessively stringent greenhouse gas mitigation goals will make our friends in the non-governmental organization community happy, but would be disastrous for our development prospects.."


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