November 09, 2020

American Democracy: Trial by Trumpism

In this piece for the New Indian Express, Shankkar Aiyar examines how the reputation of the oldest democracy is on trial due to Trump and notes that the crux of the problem is in the complex nature of the US electoral process.




"A vote in a democracy is about being able to speak, and must be counted to be heard. Trump first tried to defy tradition and established norms by trying to define a matrix of how voters should vote, or if you please how they should not be allowed to vote. Having failed to stop mail-in ballots and other instruments and policies devised to enable safe exercise of rights, Trump egged his coalition to constrain and define which voices would be heard.


Over 72 hours after polls as counting continued, confusion confounded clarity. The crux of the problem is the complex nature of the electoral process. Authority over conduct of elections is not centralised but diffused across states to protect the process from the whims and fancies of those in power. Aggravating the circumstance is the antiquated voting system."


Read the complete piece here.

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