November 30, 2018

A new vision for election manifestos

Kadambari Shah and Prakhar Mishra, Associates at IDFC Institute, write in Mint about election manifestos. Excerpts:


"With national elections around the corner, political parties are once again gearing up to publish their official stances on key policy issues. The year witnessed myriad promises made by political parties, both informally through speeches and formally through election manifestos.


Election manifestos function as signalling devices for contextualizing the priorities of a political party. While they have generated debate around issues such as employment and housing, they have also made frivolous promises like free distribution of cows and laptops. Earlier this year, member of Parliament Varun Gandhi admitted that manifestos often go unread. He asserted that while manifestos should play a key role in the political dialogue, they instead often morph into mere intellectual exercises. This means that a number of voters are alienated from political processes. One way to loop them back in is by making manifestos more accessible to people. With the task of writing manifestos still underway, we ask: How can manifestos be improved to bring about a better political discourse?"


Read the full article here.

Topic : State Capacity / In : OP-EDS
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