October 04, 2020

2020 US Polls: The test of events

In The New Indian Express, Shankkar Aiyar discusses how Donald Trump's hospitalisation for COVID-19 could affect the narratives of his presidency in the run-up to the election. 


Excerpts below: 


"For months, Trump railed against attempts to let the pandemic define his presidency — perpetuating denial and untold tragedies. On Thursday, Trump and his wife Melania tested positive for COVID-19...The event now occupies prime time space previously devoted to utterances, machinations and allegations. As air time is dotted with opinion and funereal speculation, as brutal memes about the Karma of Corona spews on social media timelines, a new hypothesis has sprouted — will voter antipathy morph into sympathy? The parade of events is testing the world’s oldest democracy."


Read the full article here.


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