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Prakhar Misra Jan 2016

CURRENTLY: Research Associate at Mercatus Center

"The IDFC Institute internship was a great exposure for me. It helped me to channelise my knowledge towards a constructive outcome. It also brought in a concrete angle to the abstractness of the Economic and Policy ideas that I learnt about at my alma mater, the Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics. During my time at the Institute, I worked under Reuben on identifying economic inflection points in the history of the world, while correlating them with political changes. Thereafter, we further established a causal relation between the two. I learned a lot from the internship, and choosing it has been one of the better decisions I have made in my career."

Harsh Vardhan Pachisia May to August, 2017


"My internship was an extremely enriching and engaging experience. The IDFC Institute has one of the best work environments I have enjoyed. In particular, the amount of respect and responsibility given to the interns was remarkable. During my time at the Institute, I worked on multiple projects that covered topics such as housing, income divergence and government spending. These projects gave me various opportunities to hone my skills in conducting quantitative and qualitative research. Furthermore, I was able to learn different software for data analysis over the course of the internship, a skill that will be extremely useful in my own academic research. The overall experience was extremely fulfilling and it was a great way to spend my summer."

Raadhika Vishvesh Jan to Feb, 2017


"My internship at The IDFC Institute was an interesting and engaging experience. Everybody was patient and approachable, and the work atmosphere was both congenial and intellectually stimulating. I got to work on projects that spanned a multitude of interesting topics, such as real estate, investment, economic growth and taxation, government spending and rural development. My work with two of the senior fellows, Vivek Dehejia and Praveen Chakravarty, involved using central government statistics, econometric software and financial data, and was extremely useful and relevant for my own academic research on Indian public finance. The internship honed my research abilities and made me comfortable working with large datasets. It also taught me to think analytically of policy issues and helped me gain perspective on the Indian political macro-economy." 

Malini Kohli May to June, 2017

CURRENTLY: Pursuing B.A. from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania

"Interning at the institute was an enriching experience. The project I undertook dealt with the convergence and/or divergence of various social indicators in Indian states and major states in other nations. It involved data collection and analysis. I realized the challenges in accumulating data both from an availability and accuracy perspective. Over the course of the internship, I was familiarized with working with data and was compelled to think about the Indian economy in a novel way. The work environment was encouraging, supportive, and fun. A great way to spend my summer!"

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