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June 15, 2020

Data Governance in the times of COVID-19 : A Comic Series #5


In this short comic series, we will highlight some data governance dilemmas in the times of the pandemic and share with you our reading list on the subject. This week we discuss data for social protection. Despite the introduction of various digital platforms for identifying and authenticating beneficiaries of social protection programmes, these technologies are subject to several implementation challenges when it comes to interoperability.


Some resources on the subject:

1. Raghavan, "Transaction failure rates in the Aadhaar enabled Payment System Urgent issues for consideration and proposed solutions", May 2020, Dvara Research
2. Agrawal et. al. "PM Garib Kisan Yojana : Coverage, Identification and Implementation" April 2020, IDFC Institute.
3. Social Registries for Social Assistance and Beyond: A Guidance Note and Assessment Tool, World Bank
4.  Gillingham, Graham, "Big Data in Social Welfare: The Development of a Critical Perspective on Social Work's Latest “Electronic Turn”, Australian Social Work
5. Sharma, "Explained: What is the ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’ system?", May 2020, Indian Express 


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