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June 15, 2020

Data Governance in the times of COVID-19 : A Comic Series #4



In this short comic series, we will highlight some data governance dilemmas in the times of the pandemic and share with you our reading list on the subject. This week we discuss health data aggregation and data protection for telehealth. Digital healthcare has become vital during the pandemic. Part of improving health service is analysing patient data and aggregating health records. However this sensitive personal data requires responsible regulation and safeguards.


Some resources on the subject:
1. Open House Discussion On National Health Stack, May 2020, ISpirit
2. Sharma, "Health database on the cards: Centre puts proposal in fast lane", June 2020, Livemint
3. Varma, "Explained: What is the Sprinklr row Kerala govt’s Covid-19 response is embroiled in?", April 2020, Indian Express
4. Barber and Molteni, "Google Is Slurping Up Health Data—and It Looks Totally Legal", November 2019, WIRED


*Special Thanks to Gopika, Veena, Priya and Sankar.


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