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June 15, 2020

Data Governance in the times of COVID-19 : A Comic Series #3


In this short comic series, we will highlight some data governance dilemmas in the times of the pandemic and share with you our reading list on the subject. This week we discuss cyber-security and safeguarding against online harms. As the lockdown has led to several interpersonal relationships going online, it is important to reduce both the actual risk of harrasment and the anxiety around it.


Some resources on the subject:
1. Cyber Democracy, "Episode 17 – Tindering with Bumble & Hinge", 2020, Suno India.
4. Olejnik, "India's Data Protection Bill Threatens Global Cybersecurity", February 2020, WIRED.
5. Schmitt, "Global Perspectives on Data Collection, Contact Tracing, and COVID-19" April 2020, Berkman Klein Center.



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