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March 13, 2019

IDFC Institute's Work on Regional Divergence is Quoted in ‘India Elects 2019’ series, a collaboration between Carnegie and the Hindustan Times

In this 'India Elects 2019’ series article on the Hindustan Times, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's Milan Vaishnav and Jamie Hintson quote Resident Senior Fellow Vivek Dehejia and former Visiting Senior Fellow Praveen Chakravarty's work on regional divergence. Excerpts:


"If federalism is the glue that has kept the world’s largest democracy together, there are growing signs that this adhesive is becoming unstuck. The primary culprit is not relations between the Centre and the states, but disparities among the states themselves. For instance, the wealth gap between India’s states has exploded in recent decades; research by Praveen Chakravarty and Vivek Dehejia demonstrated that, as of 2017, India’s three richest states were three times richer than its three poorest states. Population growth has also been highly skewed."


Read the full article here.

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