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July 29, 2019

Indian cities need urgent reform to unlock their potential, says report

This Mint article reports on the "Reforming Urban India" agenda prepared by the IDFC Institute team. Excepts:


"Indian cities need urgent reform in order to unlock their economic potential and transform quality of life, according to IDFC Institute’s report on Reforming Urban India. The report suggests that the new National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government needs to focus on recognising the extent of urban growth, improve land utilisation, empower urban local bodies and invest in public transport networks.


According to IDFC institute, a think-tank, Indian cities are more urban than recognised and contribute between 59% and 70% of India’s gross domestic product. The two month old NDA government in their budget for FY 2019-20 has budgeted approximately ₹48,000 crore for the ministry of housing and urban affairs which is a 11.8% increase since last year’s budget."


Read the whole article here and the Reforming Urban India agenda here.

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