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November 15, 2018

SATARC: A Household Survey in Four Major Indian Cities

The first National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) journal includes a chapter on SATARC, written by Assistant Director Neha Sinha and Senior Associate Avanti Durani: Excerpts: 


"Law and order is the purest form of a public good and the core responsibility of the state. sound law and order is essential for good quality of life, and inclusive, market-based economic growth. currently in India, evidence-based assessment of the state of law andorder is limited to official crime records, which only account for registered crimes. Thislimits the understanding of the true extent of the issue, which is a problem for both citizens as well as the police. crime victimisation surveys are a way to assess the extent of crime and sense of safety by directly asking people about their experiences as victims, instead ofsolely relying on official data. Such surveys help bridge the gap between the people and the police, benefitting both. Various countries have benefited from the institutionalisation of victimisation surveys. These surveys supplement the official crime data and supportevidence-based policy making for the law and order machinery."


Read the full chapter here.

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