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November 15, 2018

'Majority fear for those outside home after sunset'

This article in the Deccan Herald cites findings from IDFC Institute's SATARC survey. Excerpts:


"Not for just women family members, almost every Delhiite is worried for their male members too if they are outside their home as the evening sets in. Bengalurians too are a bit scared but they have a better sense of safety in their city compared to their Delhi and Chennai counterparts. Mumbaikars are least bothered as they feel more safe in their cities than others. These are the results of a multi-city crime victimisation survey, which experts say is a useful tool to unearth the reasons for gaps in data and perceptions, published in the inaugural issue of 'NCRB Journal'. The findings were part of a report 'Safety Trends and Reporting of Crime: A Household Survey of Four Major Indian Cities' conducted by Mumbai-based IDFC Institute's Avanti Durani and Neha Sinha."


Read the full article here.

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