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February 16, 2018

Is Justin Trudeau's Visit to India Another Controversy?

Resident Senior Fellow Vivek Dehejia is quoted in this Bloomberg article on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's upcoming visit to India. Excerpts:


"Trudeau, who has bragged his cabinet has more Sikhs than Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s, balked at a deal to save the Trans Pacific Partnership trade pact, holding out for concessions before a deal was eventually reached. His recent push to cement closer Canada-China trade ties also flopped


In each case, Trudeau was seeking “progressive” provisions, such as on gender and the environment, that are unlikely to sit well with Modi either, said Vivek Dehejia, an associate professor of economics at Ottawa’s Carleton University. “No Indian leader particularly wants to be lectured on these issues,” Dehejia said."


Read the whole piece here.

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