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April 23, 2018

Mapping India’s GDP

IDFC Institute has developed a new web-tool that allows users to assess the spatial distribution of India’s GDP. This 3D tool is based on 2006 GDP and population data* (more recent data will be added soon) and can be used to understand the variation in economic activity across the country at a higher resolution than administrative data, and at a granular level. Users can search for specific cities to view economic output at a 1 sq. km cell level as well as population.


*Source for GDP data: (Ghosh, T., Powell, R., Elvidge, C. D., Baugh, K. E., Sutton, P. C., & Anderson, S. (2010). Shedding light on the global distribution of economic activity. The Open Geography Journal (3), 148-161.)

Source for population data: Landscan:


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